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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #5 with Chain of Hope- Day 4 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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It was another short night for many…  We had a wonderful late dinner with Dr. Kal after leaving the hospital after 9… ending with amazing Kanafeh, of course!

After dinner, Dr. Riad and Melissa went back to the hospital as planned to recheck on the kids.  It was planned to be a quick check, but there were some issues with both Maryam and then Lilyan (s/p VSD, first case of the week).  Dr. Riad ended up calling for other reasons and despite the bad connection, we gathered there was an issue at the hospital and he would be there for a bit.  Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola went back to Al Khalidi ICU about 11:30 PM.  They ended up doing a thoracentecisis on Maryam to extract per Dr. Lola 60 mL of air and 120 mL of blood from one pleural space.  It seemed to help immensely and she settled down nicely, still on the ventilator as planned.

Dr. Riad also did a quick pass-through to check in the other 3 in a common, large room and didn’t like the way little Lilyan looked…  Chest X-ray looked better than the morning before we left for dinner, but her color was not good and she had been “sweating all night” per her mom.  It was thought she might have some sort of infection.  They reintubated her, started some broad spectrum antibiotics, fluids, and dopamine and she looked better.  Dr. Mark, Dr. Lola, and Melissa came back to the hotel about 1:30 AM and Dr. Riad stayed overnight. 

Amman Thursday morning

So, 7AM breakfast came quickly for them…  Dr. Riad left after rounds to get a quick nap.   He will work later today to get Maryam extubated… Her roommate Ruba (Central shunt case from yesterday afternoon) is already negotiating her discharge, telling Dr. Mark that he promised her she would be out by Saturday!

Ala’a was having a lot of abdominal pain yesterday, but seems to be better today.  However, his attitude is not!  Dr. Riad said that he started last night refusing to talk to anyone, including his mother…  she was crying last night because of this, but Dr. Riad says in his little accent that “I think he is being a little bit of a brat”…   😂 He will mobilize some air when he gets up to walk later and this should help his belly and therefore his attitude eventually!  😉

Noor was resting so sweet and peacefully today…  She looked a little sweaty too, but is covered in a thick blanket in a warm room. She may need some antibiotics if signs point more toward possible infection as well…

The OR Team has not seen Saif since he moved to the floor, but Dr. Riad sent me a great one with Melissa later in the day!!

Dr. Riad left for a well-deserved quick nap while Dr. Lola and Dr. Mark and Dr. Tim headed to the OR.  Melissa started working with the ICU nursing staff to carry out the plans from rounds. The Rotarians and Dr. Assem went for a final meeting for feedback and discussion.  This went very well.  We are so very thankful on our US Thanksgiving day for the great partnerships that have been formed here!  We are grateful to discuss a continuation of this partnership in another grant following the completion of this one.

Our first case of the day is a little guy with Tetralogy of Fallot.  Meet the adorable Mr. Yousef! (Photo cred again to Oroyo, COH)

Yousef is a 8 month old from Syria who needs his heart fixed this week.  He is having Tet spells or “fainting” frequently as well as significant cyanosis.  Baseline sats are as low as 60%…  He was added to the list for the week as he is so symptomatic.  A fenestrated VSD patch was placed as well as RVOT patch (for the medical people…  😉).  This all went very well and Yousef was transferred to the ICU and extubated before the second case was finished.

Dr. Tim is always an amazing teacher on these VTT trips…  for the Al Khalidi staff and visitors…  and our team!  🙂

We then went to Dr. Kal’s office and saw Roulan who is now 16 yrs old and Dr. Mark first operated on her in October 2009.  She is getting tired with exertion and is still a little cyanotic…  She has grown into a beautiful young woman!  Dr. Mark enjoyed seeing her.  She had an echo and They decided to start carvedilol to reduce systemic pressure and possibly improve flow then re-cath in 3 months.

We then went back to the OR while Dr. Tim continued to see two more complicated cases to consider for future missions…  

Hasan is a 4 year old sweetheart from Syria with ASD and Pulmonary stenosis.  He was diagnosed by his murmur at 5 mos, but is otherwise doing fairly well. He is a beautiful boy with a slightly ornery smile- captured here by Oroyo!

His case went very well with a short time on bypass.  He was transferred to the ICU and was extubated by the time we finished counting and packing the surgical instruments in our trunk! Dr. Riad is on a roll!  

Once again, have to mention the amazing work by all of the Al Khalidi Hospital OR staff, anesthesia, OR nursing, the central processing for cleaning our instruments and getting them back to us so quickly and all together!  Just an unbelievable pleasure to work with all of them!  Shukron!!

Dr. Tim with Anesthesiologist Dr. Sammy

We finished rounding on all the kids- who were all extubated (including Lilyan by the time Dr. Riad and Melissa left with Dr. Kal!). Ala’a had taken a walk down the halls and he is feeling much better all around with no belly pain and a better attitude (AFTER THE WALK WAS COMPLETE!  😉)

Noor is overall doing well and will likely move to the floor tomorrow. 

Maryam was extubated and maybe a little unhappy and demanding, but her family was all smiles all around her!!!

Next to her, Ruba, the was doing just amazing… she walked in the halls, she will smile a little bit and wave… (remember, this Girls has goals for Home by Saturday!)

And Lilyan after she was extubated looked great per Dr. Riad and Melissa…

We had exhausted surgeons today….  Dr. Mark in particular, but he was teaching and guiding Dr. Lola so much this trip- even today when he was absolutely spent!  She did such a great job and seemed to love all that she learned.  What a fun and hard-working teammate to travel with!  Thank you Dr. Lola!  And Riley…please be kind to Dr. T when he comes back to Riley Monday!  …it just might be a special day to be especially kind to him then!  😉

We left for the hotel to ready for a Thanksgiving dinner at Ramzi’s house from GOLA and RC Amman Jerash.  What a wonderful gathering of about 60+ people to celebrate the end of another successful week partnering to help 8 more children!  This will equal 57children that we have helped their little hearts under this Rotary Foundation Global Grant and in partnership with Chain of Hope!  I can’t think of a better way to show how grateful we are for the blessings we have been give than to work together to save the lives of these beautiful children!  Job incredibly well done to you all!  ❤️

Tomorrow our team leaves for Beirut (Dr. Lola’s homeland- she is soooo excited!) to see what all we need for a possible VTT in Lebanon… The Rotary Global Grant has already been approved for this thanks to the hard of of Lina Shehayeb and GOL Beirut with GOLI.  No operating the next two days, but may be busy nevertheless!  

Happy thanksgiving to our friends and families in the US…  We are so very thankful that you support us in these life changing missions!

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #5 with Chain of Hope- Day 3

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Later posting/writing due to a disjointed morning of the blogger not being with the team… 

We had 4 patients we reviewed in Dr. Kal’s office with him after posting last night.  Complicated cases to consider for future missions…  We also reviewed the CTA for Maryam, the first case for today and discussed plans for a Ross procedure vs mechanical valve.  

We left the hospital last night about 7:30 and quickly readied for a dinner with the GOLA board and Rotarians as Dr. Assem Abdel Razak had arrived from Alexandria, Egypt.  He is here to report for The Rotary Foundation on the progress of the VTT missions and our work so far in utilizing the grant funds.  Dr. Assem joined us for the dinner with all… It was a wonderful Lebanese dinner with so many courses.  Each course is like its own meal.  We begged out of staying for the last course of coffee or tea since it was 11:15 and we had two very complicated cases planned for Wednesday morning.  Ruba so kindly offered to get us back for some sleep!  What an amazing, hardworking group of Rotarians and GOLA members with which we shared the table (and this project)!!

This morning, the team met for an early breakfast, as usual, then departed for the hospital for lectures by Dr. Riad and Dr. Tim, then rounds.  I met with the key Rotarians involved in the grant with Dr. Assem.

Past President Ghassan Musallam RC Amman-Petra, Past President Yousef Batshon RC Amman-Petra, Dr. Stephanie Kinnaman Rotarian VTT Team Leader (RC Greenfield, Indiana, USA), Dr. Assem Abdel Razk Rotarian Cadre Monitor, GOLA President Na’el Musherbash RC Amman Jerash, President Mohammad Milhem from RC of Amman-Petra.

Meanwhile, the team carried on with patient care and to the OR…

Hannan teasing Dr. Lola about her small gloves/ hands!  🙂

Maryam is a 7 year old girl from Iraq who currently lives in Amman.  She was diagnosed with her VSD young and had a repair in Turkey.  Unfortunately, her Aortic Valve was damaged in the process, so she had another open heart surgery to try to repair the Aortic Valve.  She presented to Dr. Kal still with terrible Aortic Insufficiency… it was a “game time decision” once Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola could see in surgery whether they would be able to do a Ross procedure or a mechanical Valve.  They preferred to do a Ross as a mechanical Valve would have to be replaced in the future, but It appeared on echo and CTA that perhaps her Right Coronary Artery was damaged (meaning a Ross would not be an option).  This is indeed what was found in the OR (after a very difficult dissection to get on the heart-lung bypass- since this is her third surgery).    A mechanical Aortic Valve was placed which will be a HUGE improvement on her quality of life.  I did not get a preoperative picture of her.

Dr. Assem was able to join us for most of the surgery.  Since he is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist and Intensivist, he is familiar with the OR and ICU settings and the “lingo”… He met many Al Khalidi team members who have worked on all 5 missions with the team and before that as well.  He then left for a meeting with Hospital Administrators with Na’el and Yousef.

Maryam was transferred up to the ICU and into the care of Dr. Riad, Melissa, and the ICU staff.  Her blood pressures initially were a bit labile, so much work was in store for all of them, including Dr. Tim who ran messages down to update Dr. Mark in the OR….

Between cases, I was able to see some of the kids. Saif transferred out to the floor. Lilyan is having some heart rate issues, so will stay in the ICU another day.  Noor is doing so well, and Ala’a was resting peacufully…  Dr. Assem was able to meet them all.

Dr. Assem, President Mohammad, and Ruba with Lilyan


Ruba is the second case of the day.  She is a beautiful 12 year old girl who lives in a refugee camp named Azrak, but is from Swaida which is in southwest Syria near the Syrian/Jordanian border.  Her fingers are most definitely clubbed when we met her with her father, but her oxygen sat is “only” 83%.  Dr. Mark expected this to be worse, so she certainly has formed collaterals through the years and this could be an issue.  She had Pulmonary Atresia, VSD, and MAPCAs and might need a patch or a Central shunt.  This also was a decision made in the OR once they opened.

Ruba was so sweet as we talked to her.  She just wanted to go home, she said.  She was so scared…  talked with Dr. Lola and listened to (adult) Ruba and Dr. Mark with big tears just welling in her eyes…

It was decided to go with a Central shunt…  it was late in the day (started about 4:30) and the shunt does not require bypass.  She will need a surgery to repair the VSD ultimately, but this will help her to grow the pulmonary arteries for that next step.

She was moved to the ICU and required some attention and ultimately a chest tube for a pneumothorax.  Her numbers improved greatly after this.  

Maryam improved greatly while we were in the OR as well.  

Things look to be settling down, so hopefully at least some of the team will head out of Al Khalidi soon (its nearly 8 PM here)….  More meetings with Dr. Assem after lectures in the morning.

Goodnight from beautiful Amman…  will close with a special picture from our “photo diva”, Dr. Tim Cordes…

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #5 with Chain of Hope- Day 2

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It was a late evening for the team.  The Rotary Meeting was for many clubs in Amman and they hosted the new Mayor.  We ate dinner at the meeting after the presentations and Mayor’s speech were complete (all in Arabic….  Unfortunately, my understanding of Arabic is not good enough to follow along! 😳).  Na’el did his part of discussing GOLA for the Rotarians and guests and then Dr. Mark did an excellent job thanking everyone and telling a brief history of the 22 missions and 10+ years of working together in Amman (I know this because it was the only part in English). It was after 11 when we finished dinner and headed toward the main lobby.  It was obviously a special night for the Amman Rotarians to present some of their work to and then hear from the Mayor… We are honored to be a part of the Humanitarian work that these Rotarians do!

This morning, the team saw the two patients slated for operations today before heading to the ICU to see the post op patients.  Dr. Riad and Melissa had to leave the dinner early last night to go to the hospital as Lilyan had gone into a junctional rhythm (an abnormal heart rhythm).  She responded nicely and not really much more trouble overnight.  She looked more comfortable this morning.  Her rhythm is still a little abnormal, but this should improve with some time in recovery in the ICU.  She will have some lines and catheter out today…

Saif looks great this morning!  He will definitely be difficult to keep down for much longer!  He looks ready to run!  🙂  

We then proceeded to the OR where the staff was prepping baby Noor for surgery.  Her pre-operative TEE by Dr. Tim was especially important since she was rather unhappy during yesterday’s echo in Dr. Kal’s office and it was difficult to be sure of a few of the fine details Dr. Mark wanted for surgery.  We saw her this morning before she went to the OR…

And a better picture taken by Oroyo:

Noor is a 9.5 month old Jordanian girl who had her first surgery at just about 4 months of age.  Noor is a “redo” in that she has already had a sternotomy before by local surgeons for a stage called “banding” for her multiple VSDs (and large ASD).  Her sats yesterday were in the 80’s and she is most certainly small for her age, of course.  Her TEE clarified some details and surgery started before 10 am.

Since Noor’s case was a redo, it took a little more time to get on bypass to do the repair… Her case went well with only one VSD (instead of multiple thought to possibly be there), one large ASD as well, and the band was not terribly scarred in or around it.  We were finished about 1 PM and she was off to the ICU to Dr. Riad and Melissa and the Al Khalidi staff who were ready to work together to take her back.

Our second case for the day is quite the charming little dude!  :). Ala’a has been a TV star since he came to the hospital…  quite literally!  Ala’a is a tiny for his age 10 year old Syrian refugee who has a VSD.  He is considered an “orphan” because his father has passed away, but he is here with his mother.  Chain of Hope arranged for Hind and her crew from HBO news program Vice to come meet Dr. Mark and follow one of the Syrian families and patient through their journey.  Ala’a is their guy!  He took right to them yesterday and they were all fast friends!  Even today as he waited outside the OR, I found him out there playing with one of Phil’s cameras (with Hind’s guidance).

This morning, he was quite the charming guy when he greeted us all and shook everyone’s hands.  He has a beautiful smile! He is definitely of short stature for a 10 year old boy, but he certainly packs in a lot of personality in that little body!

So, Hind and Phil from Vice joined us in the OR as well as Oroyo from Chain of Hope and it was time for change of shift of the OR staff.  So, at one point, I counted 15 people in the OR!  Our Riley OR friends might find that interesting that Dr. T was fine with it all…! (He even wore a mic under his sterile gown so they could hear all the “inside discussion” at the table)

As the case was nearly finished, Ruba sent me a message telling more of Ala’a’s story…

“The mom says she lives in Jabal Al-Taj, on the east side of Amman, and she has one daughter 5 year old , the dad passed away in the Syrian war while she was 1 1/2 month pregnant with the girl. She gave delivery at Dar’a border and after 40 days she made her way to Jordan 😥”

Heartbreaking what many of these families have gone through…  so thankful to Ruba, Dr. Riad, and Dr. Lola who can help us translate to hear more of their stories…  if not for them, all I would see would be the playful, outgoing boy named Ala’a and his mother’s sweet and grateful smile.  To give them some hope that people care and we will “fix” what we can by helping Ala’a’s heart defect will hopefully make a lasting impression on their family like they make a lasting imprint on our hearts…

Dr. Riad sent me this heartwarming picture of Saif awake and ready to go in the ICU with all of his new gifts from the Riley Team!

Our husband and wife ICU team Dr. Riad and Melissa have been working hard this week! (Dr. Lola snuck in for the pic as well!)

Ala’a’s case finished out very well with the VSD patched and no residual defect.  He will need no more heart surgeries in the future and he should grow and run and play better! Phil and Hind finished up their filming and no one tripped over camera tripods or touched the sterile field!  …And it appears they took some great footage and info about the need and care given.

We went back to Dr. Kal’s office where Esma, his assistant, tells us that 8 patients have been waiting to see us for the last nearly 3 hours!!  We have only 30 minutes before Dr. Kal has to leave for a meeting!

We have reviewed a case for tomorrow- Maryam, who’s a a redo from a surgery done for a VSD initially then had complications with her aortic valve.  She then had a surgery to try to repair the Aortic Valve.  So, this will be her third surgery tomorrow morning.  It could be a complicated, long procedure or a mechanical valve for her tomorrow.  Much review and discussion….  Then deciding who else can be done the rest of the mission after her.

We have dinner tonight with the GOLA Board and Lucy and Oroyo from Chain of Hope.  We have more big visitors this week as well.  Our Rotary Foundation Grant Monitor arrives this evening from Egypt.  Dr. Razek will be meeting with the Rotarians and team and families to oversee the progress of our grant and missions so far.

Much to report on tomorrow….  but I may be tied up in meetings with the Monitor.  Will update on our progress when we can!  

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #5 with Chain of Hope- Day 1, Part 2!

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The second patient of the day is Saif.  Saif is a sweet 10 year old Jordanian boy with Trisomy 21 who has a partial AV canal defect (an ASD with a Mitral Valve cleft)…  Ruba told us that he is the youngest of 3, with two doting older sisters. He is a great swimmer, apparently, but boy will this little guy swim farther and longer with his heart repaired!  He goes to a special school in Amman for children with special needs.  His parents are lovely and so relieved when they heard that his surgery went well!

We did not get a prop picture of Saif.  I will share a post op day 1 tomorrow!

Little Lilyan was already extubated by the time we finished the second case and transitioning well.

So, the OR cases for the day are done, but Dr. Kal worked up a good list of children for us to evaluate with him in clinic…  four patients were evaluated with echo and discussion and plans made for their care…  

Little Noralain from Yemen was who we initially went over to his clinic to see, but 2 hours later, we were finally seeing sweet Noralain!  Only Dr. Mark of this group (and Dr. Kal, of course) can attest to how sick this sweet 2.5 year old girl was during the August mission!  She had a complicated Tetralogy of Fallot with small Pulmonary Arteries…  Her Sats were only 40% and she was so weak, she could really only move her eyes…  No energy for any further movement than the eyes…  so sad!  …  but after a Ventriculotomy and Goretex patch on the last mission, she rode in on her little riding toy this time for a recheck Echo blowing kisses, giving thumbs ups, and sweet smiles!

…  and enough energy now to cry during the echo, which is telling, but also seemed to kind of break Dr. Mark’s heart… She will have a CT Angio tomorrow and may be on the list for March (next mission).

We then reviewed the echocardiograms for the cases slated for tomorrow (already new patients of whom we had not heard before today, despite Dr. Mark’s extensive Excel spreadsheets!).

Our team was scheduled to go to the Rotary Club of Amman-Petra meeting tonight.  Three hours ago, this seemed so possible to make it by 7:30 back to the hotel.  But now, with new information and patients thrown at us despite extensive planning ahead of the mission, it may be difficult to make it to the meeting on time.  This is the nature of medicine and dealing with such sick and needy patients!  Plans change, sicker children emerge, more information changes the plans…  It is never black and white and scheduled in Medicine!

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #5 with Chain of Hope

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We are so pleased to return to Amman for the fifth Vocational Training Team trip under Global Grant #1640648 through Rotary International, co-sponsored by the Rotary Club of Greenfield, Indiana, USA and  the Rotary Club of Amman- Petra.  So many partners involved have given us the ability to help so many more children than originally thought possible!  What a gift for more families of the Middle East to be offered hope thanks to the generosity of the partnership with Chain of Hope from London!  Many Rotary Clubs throughout District 2452 contributed to this grant through the hard work of Gift of Life Amman as well as a substantial contribution from Indiana’s District 6560.  We are so grateful for the guidance of Gift of Life International to bring us all together for this large grant as well.  Yes, together we have been able to do more and for that the Riley/Rotary Team is so thankful!  

With that said, our team of six arrived late Sunday evening to Amman greeted by our Rotarian and GOLA friend Ramzi and the hard-working, enthusiastic long-time friend and Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Kal.  This is technically Dr. Mark Turrentine and Dr. Kal’s 22nd Mission together spanning over 10.5 years! On the drive from the airport, Dr. Mark and Dr. Kal are already discussing the cases for the coming week.  The first 2 patients have been admitted and worked up for surgery.  We stopped by Dr. Kal’s office to review the echocardiograms of those patients…

We then proceeded to the hotel to check in and settle in for an intense, relatively short week of 4 days of operating with the wonderful Al Khalidi Hospital Team.

Monday morning, we met up with our Chain of Hope colleague Oroyo.  This is Oroyo’s first time to Amman and Al Khalidi.  Of course, we started our work week with a picture in the ICU!  

And the team with Dr. Kal and Oroyo!…

Our Riley Team this week includes:

Dr. Mark Turrentine, Surgeon and Medical Team Leader (22nd trip to Amman, 11th VTT)

Dr. Lola Chabtini, Resident Surgeon (3rd trip to Amman)

Dr. Tim Cordes, Pediatric Cardiologist (2nd trip to Amman, 8th VTT)

Dr. Riad Lutfi, Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist (4th trip)

Melissa Redden, ICU Nurse and NP (1st trip!)

Dr. Stephanie Kinnaman, FP, Rotarian Team Leader, and blogger 🙂 (6th trip to Amman, 8th VTT)

Our first patient of the day is Lilyan.  She is a tiny 3 month old Palestinian who arrived to the OR with her mother just as we came from the ICU.  Lilyan has a large ASD and VSD (holes both between the upper and lower chambers of the heart).

Lilyan’s surgery went very well.  Dr. Lola and Dr. Mark closed the large ASD and VSD without incident and Dr. Tim’s postoperative TEE shoes excellent results.  Little Lilyan will grow so much better without all this overflow of blood to the lungs causing congestive heart failure.  She was taken up the the ICU where the Al Khalidi ICU staff with Dr. Riad and Melissa were ready to receive her.

And some improved pictures from the OR thanks to Dr. Tim…

Dr. Lola and Dr. Mark talked to Lilyan’s mother about the surgery and what to expect for the remainder of the day.

Quickly, the OR was ready for the second case of the day…  In order to update in a manner for our friends at home to see that the team arrived safely and is already at work, I will publish now and update the rest of the day’s work for a separate post later.

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #4 with Chain of Hope

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(Original post by Dr. Johansen on Aug 28th on

I haven’t been posting because I’ve been having some difficulty with connectivity. I won’t be able to share any photos for the time being, which is unfortunate because that’s the part that really allows you to see and feel the lives we are touching and to put a face to the wonderful team and hosts we are working with.

Saturday was a busy day. Our first case was a four-month-old with TAPVR. Dr. Mohammed was a great help. The second case went well, a child with dextrocardia and coarctation of the aorta. They both kept Dr. Riad and Sheila very busy. Lina Barghouthi was a gracious and wonderful host for dinner at her house with other Jordan Rotarians and members and supporters of the Chain of Hope. After dinner was a trip back to the hospital to check on our postop patients. Dr. Riad spent the night at the hospital, but we hope to get him some rest and relief tomorrow.

Sunday was another busy day at the hospital. The first case was a very ill 2 1/2 year-old with tetralogy of Fallot and pulmonary atresia who had oxygen saturations that were very low (around 40%). Dr. Mark placed a patch below her pulmonary valve and opened the pulmonary valve up some. Her saturations came up to almost normal! Her aunt said “you changed her in a moment!” She will need future surgery but is feeling much better than previously. Our previous postoperative patients are progressing, though one remains critically ill. Back at it early tomorrow for a difficult case in a child with severe mitral stenosis and pulmonary hypertension.

Dr. T and Emma from Chain of Hope High Five a previous patient in Dr. Kal’s clinic!

Little Hani

Na’el- president of GOLA (Gift of Life Amman), Dr. Mohammad, Dr. Mark, our patient and her father, Rob- CEO of Gift of Life International, and a wonderful Al Khalidi ICU Nurse!

I’ve added pics and captions best I can from Indiana while Dr. Johansen deals with tech issues in Amman… Update from Dr. T as of Tuesday, August 29th is that 10 cases are already completed! Two more operating days for this busy mission…  Two more complicated cases completed today and went well…  Praying for a smooth transition in the ICU overnight  for the patients and Al Khalidi staff and that our team rests well…

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Amman Riley/Rotary VTT Trip #4 with Chain of Hope

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(Original post by Dr. Johansen on August 25th on

Dr. T performed two PDA ligations today while the rest of the team was still en route. Ruba and Na’el from GOL Amman graciously picked us up at the airport and got us to the hotel. Dr. Khal took us all out for some kanafeh to be sure we would have the nourishment required for tomorrow’s two cases, slated to be a 4 month old with TAPVR and a newborn coarctation. Sounds like it will be a busy week. We are grateful for the opportunity to help these children and for the collaboration and friendship this work brings.

Dr. Riad and Dr. Rania come straight to the hospital from the airport to check on the first patients!


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