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Riley/Rotary Vocational Training Team with Chain of Hope Mission- Amman, March 2017- Final Day!

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It was a late night for the team…  Packing up for the travel home this morning for most of the team and reflecting on an emotional and exhausting and yet successful week here.  This Riley team puts their heart and soul into these missions and wants to make everyone proud of this life-changing and life-saving work.  We might wear our “hearts on our sleeves” a little more by this time of the week and often tears flow to leave these beautiful kids who touched our hearts forever…

Dr. Anne, Dr. Riad, Sheila, And Mike left together Friday morning and Katy from COH left for London a little earlier.

Dr. Mark has one of the last lectures of the day at the conference today.  We rounded on all the kids this morning before attending the conference.  They all look just amazing!

Eyad continues to improve and will likely go to the floor soon.

Rama looks good.  Will start feedings today.

Lamar’s sats are better.  Her parents are soooo sweet…  but she is still a little scared of us if we get too close!

Osama is doing great.  His mom wanted to snap all kinds of pictures with us this morning…  🙂

Sulakshi looks amazing!  Up walking about!  Smiling more as well!

Hawra’a looks great.  Up and about on the floor as well.

Miasar is looking good on the floor also!

Dr. Mark met up with a team from Sulamaniyah from the Kurdish region of Iraq at the conference .  He knew them from a visit there before…

Dr. Mark did a great talk about the Global Burden of Congenital Heart Disease and discussed the team’s work through missions in three very different parts of the world with different challenges in tackling CHD- Amman, Beijing, and Kampala, Uganda.  Very well done! I’m told Dr. Anne and Dr. Riad’s talks were quite the highlight yesterday as well!

Conference attendees at the end of the day.

We made one more trip through the ICU and Dr. Kal took this great pic with the ICU team and the two little ones in the ICU- Rama and Eyad!
Cannot stress enough how honored we all are to finish this incredibly successful week of 14 surgeries and 1 cath on our Adyan!  It is such a privilege to be welcomed to Al Khalidi to transfer skills with this receptive and hardworking team…  It is such a privilege to be welcomed to Amman to work collaboratively with the Amman Rotarians and GOLA… And it is such a privilege to help these beautiful children in any way we can!

Thanks to all who make this work possible- Chain of Hope, GOLA, Rotary D6560 Gift of Life (Indiana), Rotary International, Rotary Club of Greenfield, Rotary Club of Amman-Petra, Rotary D6560, other Rotary Clubs of Amman and D2452, Riley Hospital for Children, Al Khalidi Hospital, all the donors, and of course our families!  We are so honored to represent you all!

Until next time, “INSHALLAH”!

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March 12, 2017 at 2:56 am

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