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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr. T’s 25th Mission to Amman- The Wrap-up…

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As most of the Riley/Rotary team is almost home to Indy, want to give any followers a wrap-up/follow-up on the mission and all the patients and the end of the team’s week.

We had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving with Ruba and Na’el, our GOLA hosts with Oroyo from Chain of Hope London and Rob, CEO of Gift of Life International. What an amazing blessing to share a Thanksgiving meal with Jordanians, a Jamaican (living in London), Lebanese living in the US, Jordanian living in the US , and us, the visiting Americans!

… and they had amazing desserts to celebrate the mission and Dr. Mark’s upcoming birthday.

At home on thanksgiving, the story aired about this Riley Team’s work here in Amman!

Friday morning, the team shared breakfast as usual at the hotel and we bid Dr. Lola good-bye. She was making the short flight to visit her family and new baby niece in Beirut. Thank you for your amazing work in the OR and loving on these kids this week Dr. Lola! “Shukron Habibi!” ❤️

Dr. Samer spent the day with his family while Dr. Mark, Dr. Tim, and I made the 3 hour trek to Petra to finally see one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, designated in 2007. Dr. Mark last saw Petra on their first mission 11 years ago, it was Dr. Tim and my first time to see this amazing site. It was a good drive and a good amount of walking, but soooo worth it!

We all met up again that evening the check out of the hotel, load up, and make one last look at the kids at the hospital before leaving to the airport. All looked good, plans were made with Dr. Kal for lines out, etc, and we were off. We do not travel light! 3 cars to take the 4 of us and all the bags and trunks to the airport- thank you Ruba, Na’el, and Dr. Kal!

Ruba has updated me this morning that all are well. Roa’a, Ameer, Ahmad, Yasmeen and Dana are all discharged to home from the hospital! Hanin, Osama, and Ayat are all on the floor, out of the ICU and looking great, she says. Joud is the only one still in the ICU as he is only Postop Day 2 from a Central shunt. Ridha must be out on the floor as well.






As noted, this was Dr. Mark Turrentine’s 25th mission to Amman, his 35th operating mission overall! (6 to Uganda, 3 to China, 1 to Lebanon). Another momentous mission and occasion to note in his long list of applaudable work! Well done Dr. T!!

Again, so very thankful to all the partners in this lifesaving work that make it all possible, the amazing Riley team for their hard work, dedication, and passion for these missions, our GOLA and Amman Rotarian hosts for continuing to build goodwill and better friendships by saving these little hearts, and our families and co-workers at home who carry on the work and family lives at home in our absence. Much love to all… from all these big hearts saving little hearts! ❤️. Until the next mission, scheduled early March 2019…

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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr. T’s 25th Mission to Amman- Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with amazing partners in this lifesaving work! We are counting our blessings today in the Riley Heart Team, Dr. Kal and the Al Khalidi OR and ICU and nursing staff, GOLA, Chain of Hope, Gift of Life Indiana, Rotary International, Gift of Life International, Rotary Club of Greenfield, Rotary Club of Amman-Petra, Rotary District 6560 and Rotary District 2452…. and many contributing clubs in this D2452 to this new grant. As GOLA says, many big hearts for the little hearts…

We left the hospital about 7:15 last night with Dr. Samer staying to help stabilize little Osama (CoArc with VSD), he was still Intubated and a little “touchy”. The rest of the Team and Rob went out with the Rotary Host Sponsor of this and the previous Global Grant- the RC of Amman-Petra. We had a great time meeting with them again, exchanging my club’s Rotary banner, which is tradition when visiting other clubs. Their current President was unable to make it, so PP Yousef, my cohort on this grant, accepted on his behalf.

Immediate PP Mohammad also showed us one of his many talents, in addition to fundraising for the grant! 😊

Immediate Past President of RC of Amman-Petra, Mohammad!

Fellowship with our Rotary Grant Host Sponsors

In the meantime, Dr. Samer stayed to extubate and stabilize Osama, then walked to a local restaurant and pastry shop close to the hotel and picked up some sweets for the night shift in the Al Khalidi ICU. They were so grateful!!

Dr. Samer knows how to treat the night shift right! 😊

The Rotarians were so kind to treat us to dinner AND not keep us out too terribly late. It was so nice to get a little more sleep as we complete the operations of the mission with one more operative case in Amman. When Dr. Kal picked us up from the hotel this morning, he said that Joud, our case for today, was able to make it to the hospital from Palestine earlier than expected- 10 PM last night. They were able to get labs done and prep her for surgery today. Unfortunately, this means we would meet little Joud for the first time when he is asleep on the operating table.

But first, we made rounds in the ICU. Osama (Coarc/VSD) is looking better this morning. He has dark blue eyes! Dr. Samer will continue to watch him closely.

Hanin (Central shunt) really looks much better today as well! Her sat monitor says 60’s, but her blood has shows better oxygen saturations (still expected to be low, not normal with a shunt). She looks good. Her wild loose curls and her big eyes are mesmerizing. She liked the attention of the team standing all around her! She will be losing many/most of these tubes today…


Roa’a (TAVC) did well overnight. She is such a sweet, happy baby, even on Postop Day 1! Her mother is so sweet. She is so happy Roa’a is doing well. She went home last night to sleep knowing that she was in good hands and she needed her own rest to be able to start nursing her again today. She is anxious to get her started feeding again!


Ridha (VSD/ASD) is doing well Postop day 1 as well. More lines out for Ridha as well. Already taking off his oxygen himself…


Ayat still has a long way to go to full recovery, but they will try to clean up her medication list, wean her off some things, and get her on some more nutrition again.


Yasmeen was up walking on the floor! She will get her chest tube out today. We will get back around to all the kids later today to check wounds/cut suture loops, etc.

Yasmeen and Dr. Samer

We will get in to see the rest of the kids on the regular floor- Dana, Ameer, Ahmad later today…

So, off to the OR we went… Dr. Samer continued back to the ICU to start executing the plans made on rounds. Little Joud was ready with the OR team. Dr. Tim did a very thorough TEE before Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola scrubbed for the case. This helps so much to try to get a plan for the approach and to try to avoid any surprises for the surgeons when they are in the case.

Dr. Tim performing the TEE with Dr. Mark looking on as well as Anesthesiologist Dr. Sami and percussionist Hanni. So thankful to work with such a great team all week!

Joud is almost 17 months old with complex congenital heart disease, but it seems to becoming the most common defect the team addresses here- VSD/PA/MAPCAs. The Central shunt is done first to help to grow some better pulmonary arteries and final repair done (Rastelli). Joud is Palestinian living in Jordan. There was some miscommunication about when he was to be here, so as of last night, it didn’t appear he would come. The team had discussed his case when here in August and they requested more information from a cath. For cost reasons(perhaps?), the family went to Palestine to get that done just ahead of this mission. Unfortunately, the cardiologist there was out of town until today. He could have done the cath today, but that would obviously be too late to be considered for surgery on this mission. After more discussion and a thorough review of his CTA, they decided they had enough info to proceed with a Central shunt if the family could get here. Finding the right patient mix for all parties involved in financing and operating this mission is sometimes difficult. We don’t want to do something incredibly complicated and leave a sick patient in the ICU (as we leave tomorrow) if the case would be better for another mission… All to say, doing the most good for the most patients in the safest way possible is difficult to coordinate on all fronts!

The final case

Joud’s case went very well. Her PA’s are certainly small. Shunt went in well and she was transferred to the ICU where Dr. Samer was able to rather quickly extubate her and we met her paternal grandmother and her father there later. We thanked them profusely for making the trip on such short notice. They were so thankful for everyone’s work to give them hope.

Little Joud later in the ICU

Ruba helped me make it around to deliver some more Rotary/Gift of Life shirts…

Ayat and her hero of a father!






Roa’a was sleeping soundly all settled in to her room on the floor now. Her mother said she already seems so happy in this room. She nursed well and was sleeping soundly. She told us in English that she is so proud of her “warrior”. Mom draws her strength from her little warrior! This little princess has two older brothers at home- 13 and 8. What a sweet and grateful family!


We have had time for Dr. Mark to finally finish his operative notes, take chest tubes out, make a comprehensive plan with specialists for Ayat, see some more patients with Dr. Kal, even had a little lunch, and now check our instruments after sterilization to pack up for home. We have a Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy this evening at Ruba and Na’el’s. We are so thankful for another wonderful week at Al Khalidi and that the children are all recovering well so far!… So thankful for all the amazing partners who come together to make possible saving these little hearts! ❤️


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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr T’s 25th Mission to Amman!- Wednesday

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Wednesday is here already, Thanksgiving eve at home… We knew today would be a busy one! Three full cases planned today… We had a great time last night meeting with many from the GOLA board and Rob and Oroyo at the Greek Orthodox Club. No pictures to share, but the Arabic food was amazing and the conversation so enjoyable!

The order of the cases today changed again even as we were rounding…Roa’a wasn’t planned to go first, but her blood was ready and so she would go back.

While they prepared Roa’a and the OR, we checked on all the post op kids in the ICU and the floor.

Yasmeen, the first case of the mission looks better! She’s started to find her smile as we discovered just before leaving her room…

Yasmeen…Such a sweetheart!

Dana is looking good as well, in the same room on the floor… still with the bottle planted firmly in her mouth at all times. She must use it as a pacifier! Somehow Dr. Tim was able to slip the bottle away and she continued to sleep soundly… until Dr. Lola stripped her chest tube (working out the drainage in it to see how much fluid is still accumulating from it). Poor baby… that mean Dr. Lola! 😉


The children in the ICU were doing well. Hanin (the Central shunt) caused a few calls overnight for Dr. Samer, but she is doing well overall. Will certainly remain in the ICU.


Dr. Samer is doing such an amazing job in the ICU. He is so in his element here in every way… in the ICU and back to his homeland, Jordan. What a joy it is to see him giving back to and giving comfort to these families. He was able to see his family who lives near here last night. Interestingly, Dr. Samer went to the same medical school in Jordan as Dr. Kal. Dr. Kal was even one of his teachers when he was a third year student!

Dr. Samer taking a working break in Rami’s office (Rami has graciously allowed us to take over his office again this week!)

Dr. Samir working in the ICU just after a patient came up from the OR.

Amir (SVASD, PAPVR) did well overnight. He will move out to the floor today.


Sweet Ahmad (PDA) tugged at my heart this morning. He was fussing as I walked in later than the rest of the team to the ICU. He liked his smooth little head rubbed and liked me talking to him. His momma had stepped out to make a bottle for him, but we had a little moment together! 😊

Ahmad before surgery yesterday (photo credits to Oroyo, COH)

My Habibi Ahmad today 😊

Dr. Tim did an echo in the ICU on the third case planned, Osama. This would help to solidify the approach for Dr. Mark. Osama was not super happy about any of that plan. He was hungry (NPO for surgery today) and wasn’t a bit happy about any of it, making Dr. Tim’s job in getting some good echo pictures more difficult!

Dr. Tim doing an echo on Osama


The first case taken back as mentioned was Roa’a. We met Roa’a last night- you can’t forget that adorable red-eared bunny! Her mother speaks better English than the Hoosiers on our team (ok, and maybe the Kansas guy too!) and she has a funny sense of humor. She was remarking about how Roa’a is famous now that she will be all over the Internet in our blog… We did look like quite the paparazzi around her last night!

🤗. Dr. Lola is smitten with her and jokes that she might be a flight risk with this adorable baby girl! 😉

It was love at first sight

She kept giving Dr. Lola the sweetest snuggles! ❤️… But the details of the case… Roa’a is a 9 month old with a transitional AV Canal. She is from Jordan, about 30 minutes out from Amman. Dr. Lola closed her atrial septal fenstrations (maybe with a lot of heckling from her mentor on the other side of the table… 😏) and the repair went great! Dr. Tim showed the excellent repair on TEE and closing began.

Dr. Lola closing some atrial fenestrations… and suffering from some Dr. T heckling! 😊

There was no time for Dr. Mark to even write his operative note after Roa’a’s case, they were ready in the next room with Ridha! Ridha is 9 months old and the youngest of 7 children! His oldest brother is 20 years old! Chain of Hope sent them over for surgery from Southern Iraq (Nasiriyah). Mom and uncle came over with him. They are a sweet family (as they all are!! We just happened to have some time to talk with them yesterday with Dr. Samer’s help in translating). Ridha has a VSD and ASD. He is definitely suffering from some failure to thrive due to his heart condition, and therefore is a little delayed in his developmental milestones… Sitting up is still rather wobbly for him even though he is 9 mos… and he is breathing fast and his liver is somewhat enlarged. All signs of a little heart that can’t quite keep up… It’s definitely time to get that fixed!

Ridha yesterday

Osama is a 6 week old Jordanian with coarctation of the aorta and a moderate sized muscular VSD. The super efficient OR staff was nearly ready for Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola from the time they left Ridha’s OR. No time for lunch or even a bathroom break! Dr. Mark finished his operative note as the staff tried to wait patiently for him. They continue to work so hard all week for these kids! Hanan, the scrub nurse, has been here all week and is just so fabulous to work with mission after mission! She knows Dr. Mark’s routine and preferences in the OR so well…

Hanan scrubbed with Dr. Lola and Dr. Mark

There was some quick discussion and we called Dr. Tim down to the OR to maybe do a quick echo, but then they decided not to repair the VSD. It may close on its own with time given this baby’s young age. So, the plan was to proceed with repairing the coarctation of the aorta. This is not a procedure that requires the heart-lung bypass. The room seemed so quiet… only one Anesthesiologist, circulating nurse, and me in the room other than the three scrubbed in. The repair went well, mean pressures in the extremities were equal when the repair was complete, and the procedure was finished…. Will have better pictures of little Osama in the days to come!

The next procedure was to be done by a former resident from IU- a plastic surgeon who works in Amman now who came to help out on Ayat, a patient from the August mission. She was literally resuscitated from the moment they came to Al Khalidi in August… She was so sick! Now she needs further help with a wound issue and re-closing her chest. Thankfully, Dr. Mark was pleasantly surprised with what he found in her chest and then the Plastic Surgeon kindly helped to do muscle flaps and close with Dr. Lola.

In the meantime, Ruba and Oroyo found Amir smiley with some new toys that she gave him!

Amir has most certainly found his smile!

Dr. Kal called when we were in the OR for Ayat that one of the patients planned for tomorrow was unable to obtain the cath recommended in Palestine and will not be coming. We are now scrambling to find the right patient mix for tomorrow’s cases.

The Masterminds!- Dr. Mark, Dr. Kal, Na’el of GOLA, Oroyo of COH

Rob, The GOL International Mastermind

Once we figure out tomorrow’s cases, we will have dinner with the Rotary Host sponsors of the Global Grant- Rotary Club of Amman-Petra this evening! We are so thankful for their partnership!

What a busy day… one diagnostic cath by Dr. Kal for the mission, 4 cases in the OR! So productive! Praying all will transition well overnight… “Inshallah”! This makes 9 cases in 3 days plus 2 caths!!

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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr T’s 25th Mission to Amman!- Three for Tuesday

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As we left the hospital last night, Yasmeen and little Dana were doing well. Dana was just extubated and things looked stable, so the whole team went out for a “quick bite” with Dr. Kal.

Yasmeen from Jordan

I also missed that Dr. Kal did a cath on another patient for the mission yesterday. Mal Al Sham is a 3.5 year old girl from Syria. Dr. Kal did a balloon valvotomy to open Pulmonary Stenosis. She did well and will go home today.

Sorry I missed this little cutie! Pic from Oroyo, COH of Mal Al Sham

The Palestinian food he took us out for was a little bit of a drive, but Salma was so tasty and the courses just kept coming!!! Certainly much more than a “bite”!

It started off as a sunny and gorgeous today! It was lovely to watch the sunrise this morning over Amman.

Sunrise over Amman

Oroyo arrived last night for Chain of Hope and joined us for breakfast and a ride to the hospital. Rob Raylman, CEO of Gift of Life International, also arrived last night to Amman. We will surely meet up with him today as well.

Today is a holiday in Amman, so traffic was incredibly light. (Dr. Kal told us it is the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday today). We made rounds in the ICU. Yasmeen is awake and looking great. She certainly has a look of uncertainty on her face and a loose cough which undoubtedly hurts, but Dr. Lola worked out some of her right side effusion by stripping her chest tube for some time… She is doing so well and may transfer to the floor later today. Dr. Lola helped me to ask about their family from her mother. Yasmeen is the middle of three girls. She has an older sister who is 9 yrs old and a younger sister who is 4. They all have curly hair like Miss Yasmeen, but her mother admits that she is the prettiest (as she smiles at her daughter wincing in discomfort as her dressing is taken off).

Yasmeen this morning

Little Dana was sound asleep and looking great. Her chest X-ray looked good and she is progressing nicely.

Dana this morning

Hanin is the first case of the day. She is a 5 month old Syrian girl (Daraa, southern Syria) with some complex problems, a large VSD, Pulmonary atresia and MAPCAs (Major aortopulmonary collateral arteries)- this is a form of Tetralogy of Fallot. She needs some growth of some pulmonary arteries, so the plan is to put in a Central shunt. Interestingly, when Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola got in to see her heart, the anatomy was even more confusing! With the help of Dr. Tim’s TEE and some exploring, they eventually figured this large surprise coronary appeared to be a fistula to the left main pulmonary artery that all looked better when it was ligated. They also found that the pulmonary arteries were not as tiny as it appeared on echo or CTA as well. They proceeded with the Central shunt and room air seats came up from 70’s% preoperatively to 89-92%.

Another work of art from the first case by Dr. Tim

As they finished Hanin’s case, Dr. Tim, Dr. Samer, and I went to check out the Iraqi patients who just recently arrived. Dr. Samer helped to translate so much! Will tell you more of Ridha and Amir’s stories when they are operated.

Little Ahmad is a 4 month old Syrian baby with a huge PDA for his tiny size. He was having som heart failure and certainly it failing to grow well, so needed that closed surgically. It is a quick case without need for “open heart” or bypass, so Dr. Lola and Dr. Mark made quick work of this and sent him to the ICU.

Dr Tim wants you to know that Head-butting by surgeons is a frequent risk! (If Dr. Lola comes home looking like a unicorn, blame Dr. T!)

We found Ruba and Norelain in the ICU. Norelain “passed by for an echo” as they say… Dr. Tim agreed that her echo looks great! As good as she looks in another adorable dress and smart coat!

Ruba and Norelain

Yasmeen and Dana has moved to the floor. Ruba helped to translate for me that these sweet gals will surely start to find their smiles tomorrow!

Yasmeen sporting her GOL Indiana shirt!

Dana was equally unimpressed with her “shirt dress”! 😉

Ameer is a sweet 3 year old Iraqi boy we visited preoperatively… He was crying and unhappy as we entered the room (in that “I’m a toddler, I’m just letting you know I’m not happy” sort of way… no REAL tears… 😉). He instantly stopped as we started talking to him. He seemed to love the attention, obeying every request and command from Dr. Samer and his father. They flew in from Baghdad just 2 days ago sent for treatment by a subsidiary group working with Chain of Hope. Dad told Dr. Samer that they have a 2 year old boy at home as well. Ameer instantly started again with the “crying” as we walked out of his room!

Ameer had a Subvalvar ASD with PAPVR, Dr. Mark and Dr. Lola put a Goretex patch over that in another room and we were all out of the OR by 4:15 PM! We are so thankful to the Al Khalidi OR team who worked longer than any other OR room on this official holiday in Amman! Bravo!!

Can you tell Dr. Tim’s specialty is the OR pics? (besides Pediatric Cardiology, teaching, and if you know Dr. Tim, story-telling!)

We had a little “break” for a FaceTime turned Skype interview (due to WiFi issues here) with Melissa Crash, Fox 59/CBS4 arranged by Beth Resner from IU/Riley Public Relations. Dr. Mark and Dr. Tim did a wonderful job representing Riley and IU Health and their passion for this mission work! Watch for them on Fox59 on Thanksgiving Day!!

We then evaluated little Ali Amir whose family had been waiting for over 5 hours outside Dr. Kal’s office to be seen by the team. Ali Amir is adorable! Much discussion was conducted between COH and GOLA and Dr Kal about this Iraqi sweetheart with the same defect as the first case today, VSD/Pulmonary Atresia/MAPCAs who needs a Central shunt and later repair after PAs grow. Thankfully, he has been approved for surgery because Dr. Lola and I could not bear to tell this sweet family and beautiful boy that we cannot help due to funding only!

A quick review of the CT proves it difficult to see any central PAs, so he needs a cath first, as it turns out.

We have one more echo to do of little Rua’a… OMG is she adorable!! She and Dr. Lola hit it off from the start. She has a transitional AV canal with Small ASD, lives in Jordan, and surprise!… will be operated TOMORROW! I had to share at least one picture of the sweetest little bunny ever!

We have dinner and discussion with Rob and Na’el this evening and the GOLA board. Looking forward to thanking them for continuing our partnership and the work they do to raise funds for furthering missions here in Amman! ❤️

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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr T’s 25th Mission to Amman- Operating Day 1

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It was a beautiful morning in Amman, sunny and certainly warmer than home, but a little crispness in the air… The streets seemed quieter than usual this Monday morning as we made our way to the hospital. Dr. Kal had the patients all ready and their information organized for Dr. Mark, so the team reviewed the echos for planned patients and the patient list for the week was set a little more firmly with that information.

The calm before…

Evaluations in Dr. Kal’s office

Dr. Lola studying up before the case.

We learned that blood was not yet ready for the first of the two patients planned. The other patient was prepared for the OR per the staff… but as Dr. Lola and I witnessed, little Yasmeen certainly did not seem prepared! The sweet girl is old enough at 6 to realize that she didn’t like the hospital gown and hat and that mom would be leaving her in the OR. With her big scared eyes and her hand clenched tightly to her mothers, she was wheeled back to the OR.

Yasmeen is a 6 year old Jordanian girl who lives locally. She was identified because of her heart murmur, but certainly is small for her age, of course. Yasmeen has an ASD and PAPVR (Partially Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return). The extremely efficient OR staff had her calmed, then asleep, and prepped for surgery in no time and we were off! Dr. Tim did a quick echo to double check the anatomy for final operative plans. A rare moment when the Riley team was all together in the OR!

One of Dr. Tim’s many wonderful pictures… our ordained Mission Photographer!

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting in the corner by the trash… blogging! 😝 (Yep Mom and Dad, I’m here! 😉)

Yasmeen’s case went very well and she was transferred to the ICU to be extubated there soon thereafter.

Between cases, Ruba messaged me that an old friend was in the ICU with her… Norelain and her aunt Magda are in Amman for a recheck, and also because of Chain of Hope’s efforts (Herculean efforts by Ruba!) to get her to their Gala in London last weekend. Unfortunately, their visas were denied, so she was not able to make the remarkable walk across the stage that was envisioned to stir the donors at the Gala. This 4 year old Yemeni girl’s transformation since Dr. Mark first met her just 15 mos ago has been nothing short of amazing! While it was such an effort to lift her head or move her eyes in August of 2016, she now is walking and talking and is quite the loving little fashionista!

She hugged Dr. Mark and then gave him the sweetest kiss on the cheek!! He even ASKED for a picture with this star patient! 😊

Dana is a 17 month old Syrian girl. She has a huge ASD but also a VSD. She has poor feeding (and therefore, not gaining/growing normally) and becomes short of breath with crying. Her case was again efficiently started. The ASD was by far the largest of the two defects, but both required a patch for closure. Dr. Tim did a post op TEE and all looked good.

… and another work of art by Dr. Tim…

Dana was transferred to the ICU after closure and will be extubated. We moved over to Dr. Kal’s office where we ran in to these two familiar, beautiful girls!! Adyan was operated first in Amman in 2012 and her final operation was completed in Fall 2015 at Riley. Many Greenfield Rotarians were involved in helping care for her and mom Noor and Rnad, her twin sister, when in Indy. She has grown soooo much! She looks amazing! ❤️

When I first met Adyan in March 2013 (already had one open heart surgery by that time).

Arrival in Indy in August 2015!


We will get pictures of Dana and Yasmeen and more of their stories as we get to know them better in their recovery…

For now, I will post… We have more planning work to do as we evaluate more in Dr. Kal’s office. It was a wonderful first day… “Mumtaz,” (Excellent!) as Dr. Anne says- one of the original and most passionate Riley Mission team members to Amman!

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Gift of Life Amman Riley/Rotary VTT with Chain of Hope- Dr T’s 25th Mission to Amman!

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And so another wonderful mission to Amman begins… Dr. Turrentine’s 25th operating mission to Amman, Jordan with the dedicated physicians and staff of Al Khalidi Hospital! This trip begins a new series of trips paid for under a new Rotary International grant co-sponsored by the Rotary Club of Amman-Petra and the Rotary Club of Greenfield, Indiana, USA (and Gift of Life Indiana) with funds contributed by Gift of Life Amman (our wonderful hosts!), Indiana Rotary D6560, many Rotarians and clubs all over Amman and D2452. We are so grateful for the partnership of Chain of Hope London who has graciously agreed to continue the partnership throughout the next missions in covering the hospital costs of many/most of the children as well.

The team arrived safely late this evening in Amman with the smoothest transition to date through the airport and to the hotel! Thank you to Dr. Khaled Salaymeh who greeted us at the airport and debriefed us on the cases for the week en route to the hotel. No picture of the crew on arrival… I’ll start bombarding them for pictures tomorrow… 😉

Our amazing Riley Team for the week:

Dr. Mark Turrentine, Surgeon, (Mission Mastermind!)

Dr. Tim Cordes, Cardiologist

Dr. Samer Abu-Sultaneh, Intensivist

Dr. Lola Chabtini, Resident Surgeon (Mission “Mishkalgea”!)

And I am the blogger for the week, Dr. Stephanie Kinnaman, Rotarian VTT Team Leader and Family Physician.

Morning will come quickly, so we are hopefully all settling in for a busy Day 1 tomorrow!

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